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God is our foundation
• God created us and wants a relationship with all people.
• God has revealed Himself in many ways, especially through His Son Jesus who died for us and rose again and through the Holy Spirit who is at work in us.
• His specific revelation to humankind through His Word, the Bible, it is our authority in all matters of faith and conduct (what we believe and how we live).
• We are created to communicate with (prayer) and respond to (worship) God.
Every person has a God given purpose
• We are all created unique and gifted by God.
• These gifts are given for a specific purpose.
• Just like our gifts, the strength and power for our purpose can only come from God.
• Life is most meaningful and fulfilling when it is lived by Gods purposes
• We are all to be light in this world.
• The Holy Spirit guides and directs us in the decisions we make.
Life is lived in community
• In Christ all are equal. No distinction based on race, social status, age or gender.
• As individuals, we all bring something to our community. Each person brings something, which helps make Sugar Reef what it is.
• Our diversity (Gifting, Backgrounds, Cultures, Personalities) is our strength through authentic relationships.
• We are not just a focus upon Sugar Reef but also the wider community. Gods greatest priority is those who don’t know Him
• Authentic relationships contain all aspects of God’s love. Truth, Justice and Grace.